Fascinate Advantage – A New Way of Engaging Your Employees

What if you could identify new areas of potential within your existing employees?

What if you could inspire every single person on your team to perform at their best?

The Fascination Advantage® is different than any other type of assessment or training. Great brands analyze their outward communication that makes them more valuable and admired. You can do the same with individuals. The Fascinate® system highlights how they communicate at their best. We identify the qualities that make each person a valued and essential part of the team. Instead of focusing on what people need to “fix,” we highlight what they’re already doing right, so they can do more of it.

While spending the last decade measuring over a million professionals, we’ve uncovered a few important nuggets:

  • When an employer showcases each person’s advantages, they fuel performance, and build the foundation of a culture of engagement throughout the company.
  • If employees get the message that they need to “fix” themselves, they often shut down, or leave the company. Either way, the potential is lost. Employees need to feel that they are empowered and a valuable part of the team.

Traditional assessments, such as Myers-Briggs or DISC, are based on psychology.

They outline how YOU see the world, looking through your eyes out at the world. We reveal a new and different perspective.

  • Our system is based on branding, rather than psychology.
  • We identify communication patterns, rather than personality traits.
  • Instead of focusing on strengths, we uncover how each person is different and uniquely suited to excel in a “specialty.”
  • Instead of fixing people, we highlight what people are already doing right.

The system is based on studies with over a million professionals, in a range of industries and departments, including thousands of C-level executives. The findings have been published in 14 languages.

Join world-class organizations such as Twitter, Fedex, NASA, Panera, IBM, Cisco, National Department of Health, AutoTrader, Starbucks, National Transportation Bureau, YMCA, CitiBank, The Home Department of the UK, and Whole Foods by activating the Fascinate system in your organization.